Sự Kiện Team Building Thể Nghiệm


Part 1: Learn how to work as a team!

The team were divided into 3 ( Cooking team, Bar team and cleaning team) then each team was assigned their own task to take responsibility on preparing food, drink, and cleaning stuffs. They have to run with a limited time to make sure to finish the task before noon ( so that we can get our stomach full and our mind bright for the next challenge)

Part 2: Company’s orientation 
After meal, we did a review over all the VISION, MISSION, 8 CORE VALUES and BRAND IDENTITY ( mother brand and 2 support brands and their relationship). List out all the now-probs and direction for the next period to face.
After that, the team were re-teamed again into 4 new teams to make sure everyone should be able to work in flexibility in different types of characters, that no matter what the character is, they have to learn to accept, analyze the strength and the weakness to maximize each team’s potential to accomplish the final best result!

Part 3: Training the spirit of “classics that never die”.
Experiment on cocktail making with 2 which belong to “10 of the best cocktails of all time” : CLASSIC MOJITO & OLD-FASHIONED
The 4 team received 4 t-shirts with 4 different colors which symbolized the spirit of their team, then they are free to cut the t-shirt into equal parts to share the “spirit” with each other . Team members of each team should be innovative , fashionable and creative enough to personalized their “COLOR”.

The team learned the history of the drink, fundamental techniques of making drinks, the working culture in FnB to apply to their daily tasks or routines at Nguyên’s. The team have to learn to respect each other no matter how different the “colors” are..
Each team would assign 2 team members to do the battle with other “couples” from other teams. Then each team member would learn to work hard with their mind to become “the honest judge”- which means: to be fair to choose the best one/ winner who deserved.
Finally, team members played the “match game”. They would listen to 5 random songs in different varieties ( Rap, Latin, smooth jazz, alternative rock, acid) and call the “right match” ( what music goes well with what beverage). The truth is there is nothing like “the right match” exists. Its all about personal taste! and each one has its own beauty that needs to be respectful, no matter what! However, one should equipped himself well with various knowledge and experiences so that they have the right attitude to give any comments to others (in humble)
Part 4: Experience to locals!
Its all about the nature with the view lake and some simple outdoor activities..

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